Gold Glitz Sequin Table Runner

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Add sparkle to your table top with this gold sequin table runner. Thousands of tiny sequins is sewn on to a tulle fabric creating a stunning look.

Please note the edges are cut. There is no hemming or lining. Please click on "zoom" at the lower right corner of the picture to enlarge it so you can see the edges. The sequins are sewn to a tulle backing.

✿ Size: 12 inches wide by the length you choose.
- If you have 60" table and choose 72" length, it will give you about 6" overhang either end. If you have 72" or longer table, you will need at least 84" or longer runner in order to have some overhang. Most people prefer 6" to 1 foot overhang either end. A few want the runners to go all the way to the floor.
- Please contact us if you need a custom size.

✿ Material: Sequins sewn on tulle fabric